Bella Vista Philadelphia Condominiums

Bella Vista means “beautiful view” in Italian. Anyone visiting this area or living in Philadelphia Bella Vista condos can experience the stunning views of the rest of the city. Just the views alone have Philadelphia Bella Vista condo owners in agreement of the appropriateness of this neighborhood’s charming name.

Buyers are attracted to this area because of its welcoming atmosphere and fascinating ethnic make-up, not to mention the luxurious Philadelphia Bella Vista condos. Bella Vista is notably the oldest Italian-American neighborhood in the city, and the community includes residents from Vietnam and Mexico as well. With a population of fewer than 7,000, Bella Vista public services are not crowded, and attractions such as the country’s oldest open-air market are right at your doorstep.

The Bella Vista district is continually improving, and plans have been approved in 2008 for a makeover of the South Street area. Facilities will include re-paving streets, new sidewalks, new lighting, tree planting and new bicycle racks. In addition, there are several Philadelphia Bella Vista condos that have been remodeled to perfection as well.

This ever-improving Bella Vista community attracts new residents looking for a relaxed, friendly place to live. The area has a European feel, with people sipping coffee beside the open-air market, watching the world go by. Area parks and playgrounds offer young and old residents of Philadelphia Bella Vista condos a place to relax in the outdoors and enjoy the pretty architecture and wide-open vistas.

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