Philly Art Museum condos

Not surprisingly, the art museum area of Philadelphia centers on the world-renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art. This imposing art museum well recognized from Rocky Balboa’s monumental run up the steps, overlooks this charming neighborhood from its perch atop Fairmount. The Philly Art Museum condos in the area are some of the most luxurious and renowned in all of Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the nation’s largest museums, featuring over 200 galleries and 300,000 different works of art. Those who own Philly Art Museum condos appreciate the works of art, which include photographs, paintings, tapestry, carpets, sculpture, armory, ceramics, and furniture. The paintings collection features works from renowned artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Rubens, and Renoir. Built in 1876 for the Centennial Exposition, the museum ranks as one of the premier art museums in the United States.

Philly Art Museum condos are situated by the museum, on a hill at the end of Benjamin Franklin Parkway. This location creates a most perfect vista for this wide boulevard. The Art Museum sits at the head of the broad, tree-lined Franklin Parkway. Down the parkway to the south and east is the area known as Logan Circle. In the center of the circle, the Swann Memorial Fountain forms the basis of this small park.

The Art Museum area of Philadelphia is also known as the Fairmount neighborhood. The name comes from the hill on top of which William Penn originally intended to build his manor house. A nearby park shares the same name. In the real estate market, people mostly refer to this as the Art Museum area, and many attractive Philly Art Museum condos are available in this desirable district.

For buyers looking to find the perfect condo in Philadelphia’s Art Museum area, the attractions are plentiful. For culture, this neighborhood cannot be beat. Your Philadelphia condominium Concierge at (866) KURFISS will ease you through the process of finding the perfect condo to rent or to buy.