Center City Philadelphia Condominiums

Center City is by far the fastest growing residential community in Philadelphia. Presently home to more than 88,000 residents, the area boasts a number of beautiful Center City Philadelphia condominiums, including converted lofts, attractive town homes, and new luxury high rise towers. To the pleasure of Center City residents, the neighborhoods of Center City are close-knit, and feature an array of incredible housing styles, all within convenient walking distance of the city’s business district, restaurants, cultural institutions, supermarkets, schools, and other amenities.

Center City Philadelphia condominiums have become the best possible alternative for many people who want to own a beautiful city home. There are many advantages to owning Center City Philadelphia condominiums. These condominiums, along with other downtown Philly condos are easily maintained because the majority of them only include one floor. In addition, these downtown Philly condos are fully serviced by various Condominium Associations. The buyers who are attracted to this kind of living include baby boomers, working professionals, college students, and empty nesters who prefer luxury living, stress-free maintenance and easy access to the nearby city.

Those who occupy Center City Philadelphia condominiums are enthralled with the area’s mouthwatering array of delectable restaurants. Ranging from restaurants owned by nationally known chefs to delightfully charming cafés and everything in-between, Center City has everything you need to satisfy your taste buds.

Those who love to shop also enjoy Center City for its awesome designer boutiques, funky second-hand shops, and big department stores.

It is easy to get around Center City, thanks to its compact size and friendly streets, making it one of the most “walk able and bike able” cities in the nation. An impressive 37 percent of those who own Center City Philadelphia and other city dwellings walk to work.

The legacy of Philadelphia Loft and Condo Architecture adds to the city’s richness. Philadelphia’s downtown luxury condominiums are clustered with the modernized industrial buildings that rival the most popular New York condominiums. Center City Philadelphia condominiums and other Downtown Philadelphia condominiums have become increasingly in demand, creating a rising trend in apartments-turned-condos.