Fishtown Philadelphia Condominiums

Organized community is just one way to describe living in Fishtown. Distinct regional brick architecture and American history have blended together with modern living to form a new vision of how people meet, conduct business and live harmoniously together. Beginning with artisans of many stripes, the community has rapidly developed into a fully formed and flexible community designed for your every urban living need.

Those living in Fishtown condominiums immediately recognize the many diverse options they have available for even more future growth. Fishtown condo dwellers enjoy quiet, high-end living accommodations with 4,000-plus square feet of living space, high ceilings, solid wood floors and tall windows blended with corner window 1,000-square-foot working artist lofts. Not to mention, Fishtown condominiums are located within one of the greatest cities in the nation, and offer affordability for all kinds of lifestyles.

Residents of Fishtown condominiums enjoy their neighborhood’s international flair, results-oriented educational choices, ample security, and an overall solid community spirit. Future Fishtown, Pennsylvania condominiums plans include a community oriented river space along the Delaware River and a highly anticipated International Festival promotion.

Fishtown, Pennsylvania condominium living is a fully developed urban planning space. Along with new pedestrian access to several modern and classic art museums, the month of December 2007 marked the opening of a new full service grocery store, five new restaurants, coffee shops and several new shopping opportunities.

The Fishtown neighborhood has developed beautifully and will continue to develop, and Sotheby’s agents are perfectly poised to discuss any Philadelphia Condos for any Budget in detail. Just call (866) KURFISS for a friendly conversation about real estate today.