Washington Square Philadelphia Condominiums

Washington Square west condos are located in one of Philadelphia’s most well known historic districts – Washington Square. Before the Revolutionary War, Washington Square was an open field, bordered by woods (on three sides) and a prison (on its fourth). It later became a cemetery for those who did not survive the yellow fever epidemic of 1793, as well as a burial ground for Revolutionary War soldiers.

The neighborhood has since come a long way. By the middle of the 19th century, the area began to enjoy brighter times, and quickly evolved into the center of Philadelphia’s most prolific neighborhoods. Washington Square West condos of today are part of what has also been established as the primary publishing of Center City Philly. The square is home to Curtis Publishing, which has produced such famous publications as The Saturday Evening Post, The Ladies Home Journal, and Jack and Jill.

Today, this part of the city has reverted back to a park, with ample shade trees and benches, as well as the famous Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Another one of William Penn’s famous “five squares,” Washington Square was named in 1825, to honor the great general and first President of the United States, George Washington.

Today, Washington Square west condos are highly sought after by those seeking life in one of the city’s well-polished squares, with plenty of history to boot. Book an appointment online or call (866) KURFISS and see what is special about this historic Philadelphia community.