Rittenhouse Square Condominiums

Rittenhouse Square condos, (also known as Rittenhouse Philly condos) are some of the most prized properties in the great city of Philadelphia, located in the premier business, residential and cultural district is known to Philadelphians as the elite Rittenhouse Square. A distinct gem in the heart of Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Philly condos are surrounded by a green, leafy oasis bounded by Walnut Street, 18th and 20th Streets, Locust and Spruce.

In addition to Rittenhouse Square condos, the neighborhood boasts a variety of buildings that surround Rittenhouse Square Park, elegant turn-of-the-century apartment buildings, and mansions that make up the Curtis Institute and the Art Alliance. The Square’s Walnut Street strip near Rittenhouse boasts a fantastic selection of upscale shops and restaurants as well.

Like the Rittenhouse Philly condos of today, Rittenhouse Square has always symbolized wealth and quality. Long before the emergence of Rittenhouse Square, the very first house of the Square was erected in 1840. From this point on, the Square went on to keep its high residential quality. A building boom began in the 1850s, and by the second half of the 19th century; the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood became the most fashionable residential section of Philadelphia.

Architect Paul Cret, one of the men responsible for designing the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and many of its buildings, designed Rittenhouse Square’s entrance in 1913. He also designed the Square’s central plaza with stone railings, pool, and fountain.

Even back then, to have lived on or near Rittenhouse Square was a mark of prestige. Many of the houses that once stood as private homes in Rittenhouse Square now exist as Phila Luxury and High-Rise Condos, town homes, and/or apartment buildings.

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