Philadelphia Luxury Lofts

Philadelphia luxury lofts include apartments or condominiums that have been created out of older or historic commercial buildings. A Philadelphia Lofts specialist will tell you that many of these lofts preserve the original structure of the building they once occupied. These homes have open floor plans with tall ceilings that often include the rafters or ductwork from the original building. Loft walls frequently sport brick or exposed ductwork from the original structure. They usually have one or two bedrooms. Since Philadelphia luxury lofts are often located in renovated downtown buildings, they commonly have lovely views of the city.

While searching for Philadelphia luxury lofts, you may come across the term “soft lofts.” Philadelphia condominium specialists will tell you that soft lofts are lofts that have a more finished look than their traditional counterparts. For example, they may have a less open floor plan with more defined rooms, such as a defined dining space and living room space. They may also feature less exposed brick and ductwork in favor of finished walls and ceilings.

Philadelphia luxury lofts can be found in every area of the city. Urban lofts are popular with those who work downtown, as they provide quick access to public transportation to and from work. Many of the Philadelphia luxury lofts in the downtown areas of the city are in historic buildings that have been converted into luxurious living spaces.